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FOX News
Nov 21, 2012 8:00am PST
with another woman they want to talk to. police and ohi ice chasing down a car in columbus, ohio. the chase lasted 20 minutes snaking through neighborhoods and highways. four people taken into custody. they are calling this an illegal immigration investigation. jenna: a follow-up now on a rapidly developing story out of indianapolis. police are serving search warrants in a deadly explosion that ripped through a residential neighborhood hours after police announced that they are treating this case as a murder investigation. rick has more. >> reporter: we've been tracking this story since it happened a week and a half ago. we watched it as it was being treated as a tragic accident that killed two people and investigators shifted and called it a murder investigation beginning this week. and now we can tell you from local reports there in indianapolis that two people have actually been taken into custody in connection with the blast at this house here that affected so many other houses in this neighborhood. not clear who these people are or whether they have been formally arrested and charged,
Nov 21, 2012 7:30am EST
that you should suppress that. we have columbus day parade for italian americans. we have polish-american parade. we a single tomato in texas. we even have and will american celebration. -- cinco de mayo in texas. it is a commemoration. as long as, it has to be on the right so level. you are an italian-american. you're an anglo-american. your hispanic american. and i talk to someone from germany last year who chose to become an american. and i said why. he said, you have so much more freedom here. in germany, there are tremendous expectations about what you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to behave, based on your family background. here, you are free. we want people who yearn for that freedom, to come to the united states. they always have. we want them to continue to do so. it's what makes us americans. >> we have a question down here, two questions. maybe if you could ask a question and then hands the microphone and ask both of them and tried to take both questions. >> all right. i'm a canadian working in the is on an h. on h-1b1 visa, a process which i won't wish on
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
monday. >> up in the club. >> stephanie: yeah, and then columbus, ohio, and then seattle en
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3